Startup Waterloo Gallery is the newest contemporary gallery in Canada. Founded in 2017, the new age gallery represents Canadian creators and makers. This includes all media, from artist paintings to AI-generated paintings, sculpture to 3D printing, photography to AI-photography and anything new and cool. All gallery profits from sales go towards sustaining Startup Waterloo and future social projects.



Startup Waterloo is supported by Startup Canada which is one of Canada’s strongest entrepreneurship brands reaching a targeted audience of thousands of hyper-connected professionals. Sponsoring Startup Waterloo can help your organization increase brand awareness, position you as a technology leader, launch new products/services and more. All profits from sponsorships go towards sustaining Startup Waterloo and future social projects.



Startup Waterloo is supported by Startup Canada which is Canada's leading entrepreneurship organization. For news, views and interviews with our executives, advisors and entrepreneurship community leaders for insights, commentary and contributions locally or nationally, please click the link below. We have leaders available for print, radio and television interviews across Waterloo Region and in more than 150 cities and communities across Canada.



Advertising on Startup Waterloo is a unique opportunity to reach a rapidly growing audience in one of the premier tech hubs in Canada. We present your brand’s message in a creative and compelling way.